Hostname as title on login page?

  • Is it possible to have the hostname in the title of the main login page? I don't know php and couldn't figure it out myself, but I noticed all pages have

    ['system']['hostname'] . "." . $config['system']['domain'] . " - " . $pagetitle

    except the main login page.

  • It is possible with code like this, for example:
    But not everyone would want that - for security/privacy many people will not want to display the host name to just anybody who brings up the login page.
    So it would have to be an option to switch on from System->Advanced, Miscellaneous somewhere.

  • I actually meant as the <title>so it shows up in the text on the browser tab, but you provided enough info for me that I was able to get it working.<br /><br />I understand not everybody would want that and an option would be best. This is just for my home use so it's not really a concern for me and this makes things easier.<br /><br />Anyways thank you for your help, it was exactly what I needed.</title>

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