Am I going crazy?!

  • Hi,

    Hope I am not going crazy. Recently our company has bought a new Software-Based PABX and I need to make it work off-site too. To do so, I need to forward ports 5060,5061, 7000-7499, 9000-9099 to the internal IP

    I have successfully set them up, together with port 5000 which is the web interface of the PABX.

    While port 5000 is forwarded, the other ports are being blocked. (attached image)

    Why is this happening? What can I do for these ports to be fully forwarded. I have checked that the ports are actually open internally…. and they are.

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    You have some firewall rules, but do you also have a port forward installed under Firewall -> NAT -> Port Forward?

  • I do… They are infact the same

    ![Port Forward.jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/Port Forward.jpg)
    ![Port Forward.jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Port Forward.jpg_thumb)

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    your forwarding to .105, those blocks are to .10 which is not allowed?  I see no firewall rules for that and would for sure be blocked.

    The only thing that I think could be forwarding it is your 3cx server alias??  Since can not see what is in that for IPs or ports or nat ports, etc..

    Aliases not very helpful when posting pics of your forwards and rules..

  • Ok… I feel like a fool.... The setting was set to LAN not WAN....

    port is forwarding now :)

    Thanks for your help

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