PfSense 2.2.2 + squid + squidguard not blocking blacklist

  • I followed more than one guide to carefully configure the build in the subject.  I got all services green in the WUI and then was surprised to find that my test win7 box is not blocking any sites that I deny in the black list by category.  A quick google finds several posts here on the same subject, that pfSense 2.2 and squidguard is not blocking.  Answers vary from adding each site manually (not workable for me) to falling back to older versions of pfSense and packages.

    I hope to find a solution and/or I may be going to DansGuardian which I hope will work.

    This is a rush project and I need to find a solution quick, or I may be leaving a pfSense build altogether.

    Ty in advance for any help.

  • pfSense main function is a routing firewall.  If squid is so important to you, you always have the option of spinning up a box and installing squid & squidGuard yourself.  It isn't that hard.  As an intellectual exercise, I did exactly that with Ubuntu 14.10 a month or so ago.  Got squid3 and squidGuard running with Shallalist blacklist, Sarg and Lightsquid.  Worked like a charm.

  • First what are you trying to block?

    Second In target Categories make two lists see pic.
    in the Categories make what you want to block and same thing on the white list what you do not want to block

    in the group ACL make another 2 lists see pic

    in the ACL edit on which IP will be blocked and edit the target rules for that list see pic

    then click save then apply  the settings then delete the cache and try out if it blocks

    Remember it will block http sites not https sites. Example: typing it will be http but going to google then typing facebook it will show https. Now these days sites are using https more  :-[ but the most basic or porn sites are usally http

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