Some data lost on reboot

  • Hi All

    Fairly new to pfSense, but loving it - very impressed.

    Have 2.2.2 running with squid3, squidguard, snort, lightsquid, pfblockerng. This is setup for a home network. pfsense itself is running on a hyper-v VM under windows server 2012. The WAN address is on a different subnet (V-LAN essentially) to the rest of the network which my router is also using.

    All running well now after a lot of trial and error and a steep (albeit fun) learning curve. Originally had installed on 2.2.1 about a week before the update came out and so upgraded in-situ.

    Problem I am having:

    • The blacklist database for squidguard does not load after reboot, which means the squidguard service fails, which causes squid to fail.

    Fix is to manually download blacklist, and manually start services. I am using

    As an aside:
    1. The blocked IP list for snort is also reset on reboot (although alerts are saved/retrieved ok)
    2. I first noticed this when I did the 2.2.1 to 2.2.2 upgrade but just put it down to an upgrade glitch

    I have checked that I didn't set this up as a RAMDisk by mistake (certainly the box isn't checked but I am not sure what else I need to check to see this isn't running as a RAMDisk without the box checked).

    Any thoughts on this would be most appreciated.


  • Hello, i have the same problem.

    I made configuration in pfsense, the option BlackList, I download the package and install, but if you restart o reboot the pfsense, this lost the package and Squid as squidguard can't work correctly.

    I have to download manually always the package.

    How we can save the package shallalist.tar.gz in disk local for pfsense?

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