Deleting old squid logs

  • I removed the squid package a while ago but noticed that the log files are still there under /var/squid/logs/

    Can I safely delete the entire file manually or is there a command to empty it? The squid access.log is about 1GB so I'm trying to clear some space. Thanks!

  • I don't see why you couldn't delete it manually  ::)

    BTW, this is one of the issue with Squid as a package with pfSense: it doesn't rely on automatic log rotation and clean-up, as far as I understand. This means that you cloud end-up with full partition. (To be checked twice but this was my basic understanding when I looked at this some time ago)

  • Okay, I'm just going to delete the access.log and see what happens. I wasn't sure if deleting that log and then reinstalling the package later would cause some sort of error.

  • No, you will not get any error because of missing logs when installing this package again. Don't worry  ;)

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