Reverse proxy squid3 problem

  • hi, i've followed a lot of thread and guide here and on the wiki, to make few sites, in different server behind pfsense firewall with only one ip address accessible from outside
    so i have a pfsense 2.2
    i've installed squid3 and set net.inet.ip.portrange.reservedhigh  to 0 so i can use port lower than 1024

    i've followed a guide, so here my configuration of squid:
    Reverse Proxy interface WAN
    external FQDN
    Enable HTTP reverse mode
    Port 81 (i've used this port because if i use the default 80 it goes directly to the pfsense login page)
    ok web server i've added one:
    alias dev1
    port 80

    on mapping:
    peer: dev1
    URI: ^*

    i've also added a rules on firewall:
    from WAN
    port 81

    but now if i try to connect to i receive an access error from squid

    The requested URL could not be retrieved

    Access Denied

    any idea why? any helps?


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