Help Me! Please guide me Blocking IP WAN Hacker Attack DDOS Pfsense's

  • Dear Guy
    Sorry EveryOne ,I m nood English,
    I Wan Block IP WAN Hacker DDOS  Pfsense's ,
    He is sent Packet makes Pfsense's CPU Usag >70% and Banwith overload
    This makes my Server is lag, hardly do anything
    This is Pic

    Please  guide me Block IP WAN
    Thanks all
    Sorry for Vietnamese people always annoying to you.
    It's a shame that I have to use Google Trasnslate

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    You cant.

  • :(
    Please tell me why can not

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    Because you can block him from getting access to your servers, but not using your bandwith sending DoS traffic to your IP.

    Its upstream at your ISP that needs to handle this…BEFORE it hits your firewall

  • Can you guide me block him from getting access to your servers?

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    You run pfblockerNG on your system.

    Insert the IP in a blocked list and force update.

    Then its done.

  • Can you give me guidance sorry
    I am very grateful to you

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    Write a personal message to BBcan17 in here.

    He is the author behind pfblockerNG package.

    Maybe he can assist you :)

  • Thanks
    Sincere thank you

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Dude you are aleady blocking the traffic for F___ Sake – Please tell me your not paid to support networks..

    You can not stop a DDOS with a firewall..  You either get the traffic filtered upstream from your connection - contact your ISP.  You change IPs and play wack-a-mole, or you have a big enough pipe to not worry about the traffic.

    So if traffic fills your pipe - what does it matter if your router blocks/drops/rejects or allows the traffic??

    Your already blocking it, blocking it with some special rule doesn't unfill your network connection to the internet..

  • Try disabling logging blocked traffic. Logging all of those packets is probably consuming most of your CPU.

    I noticed it says the CPU name is an Intel Quad, but then says only two cores total.

  • @Harvy66:

    I noticed it says the CPU name is an Intel Quad, but then says only two cores total.

    Probably because he (chanshengji) is VMing on a system. He's also talking about a 'server' …... (that can't be pfSEnse, right ?!?)

  • yes i using VMW, i said "server"  beacause my PC is FTP Server my office,i called my IPS, they said "We cannot and check agian" :(

  • If your internet pipeline is full, As in if your line is 8Mbps and the attacker sends 8Mbps there is nothing you can do other than contacting your ISP. If bandwidth isnt an issue and he is somehow overloading your pfsense box, firewalling or a hardware upgrade might help.

  • @johnpoz:

    Please tell me your not paid to support networks..

    Did that make you feel superior?

  • As others have said the real solution is for ISP to block that address so it's traffic doesn't get to you in the first place.

    On your end there are few things that may help, but none of them will stop the traffic (except for #3).

    1. As was mentioned by another, stop logging all that blocked traffic.  That consumes CPU cycles.
    2. Put a rule at the top of your firewall to block that specific address.  And don't log it.  This not only take care of the above item 1, but also prevent the firewall from consuming CPU cycles trying to match all the rest of the following firewall rules.
    3. If your WAN can get a different IP address that will also take care of it.  Almost as good as if the ISP were to block the address.
    4. File a complaint with the owner of that address space.

  • If it's a DDOS, it could be coming from billions of IP addresses

  • @Harvy66:

    If it's a DDOS, it could be coming from billions of IP addresses

    In theory.  But probably not likely anywhere near that many.  And also good possibility to be only from a manageable number of blocks.

    But at this point all we have been exposed to in this thread is one address and a perhaps incorrect classification of the attack as DDOS.  DDOS attack as a buz phrase seems to have become synonymous with volume attack.

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