OpenVPN Road Warriors and determining assigned VPN IP's

  • We are going to be deploying PCs to various remote locations and we need the ability to maintain VPN connections with these PCs for maintenance.  I have OpenVPN clients successfully set up on these PCs and it works wonderfully (starts as a service so that the VPN is established automatically - thanks for your guide Frewald!) but my only problem is I don't know how to determine what IP address is assigned to what client.  In the pfSense GUI the only information I can see is the connecting client name and its associated Internet IP.  It appears that the VPN IP is generated by a DHCP server but there is no login pfSense and the client log isn't helping much either.  Ideally we would like the computer to register it's VPN IP with a DNS server so that we could simply use names but I can't figure out how to make this work - does anyone have any suggestions?

  • Just make the clients use the company dns server. If they are in the same domain they should register themself at the dns for lookups.

  • Are you referring to the VPN client DNS settings on the XP Pro machine?  I assume that once it establishes the tunnel it would immediately register the VPN IP with the DNS?

    Would it be easier to set client specific settings on the VPN server so that it gives the same address every time?

  • Yes, making the client use the company dns through the tunnel should usually be enough.

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