TAP Drivers not WHQL signed

  • As the thread "Topic: All TAP-Win32 adapters on this system are currently in use."  (Read 43346 times) !!!! Is closed (Why???)

    I open a new one …

    Topic is in this case a Win 7 64Bit Home, similar to the Ultimate in original post.
    To prevent the same confusion as in the older thread: The huge difference is, Win7 Professional is a completely different OS as this Home / Ultimate crap. In Professional you can just run gpedit.msc to tweak things, where this tool is just not avaviable in Home / Ultimate.

    I installed now the current 32Bit version of openvpn client (client export tool) on a Win7 Professional - everything fine
    Same client on a 64Bit Home version and the trouble starts …..
    It took me a while to find out that you can switch off this WHQL check (what is a pretty bad idea) but then I can at least install the driver. It runs fine then ..... until next reboot. Then Windows realizes somehow that driver has no certificate and disables it ......
    Also the x64 Version failed same way ....
    Version is 2.3.6-Ix03 (Tap Driver Version 9 included)

    Has anyone a working Version of this Tap driver for a Windows 7 64 Bit HOME. No, the versions that run on Professional will not nessecarily run on Home!!!

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    Nice rant. MS forums are here, though: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/ A

    (And OpenVPN forums here: https://forums.openvpn.net/)

  • Aside from the agreement with the previous reply, I'm starting with pfSense and OpenVPN.

    Windows ultimate allows gpedit.msc and is a full version of windows with all the features. More than professional.

    I have used the client export from pfsense 2.2 2 for windows 6 x64  and it has no signing issues.

    Plus I have even forced to use the service version which the GUI claims will only work in x86 but it works in x64 too.

    OpenVPN version included is 2.3.6 I630

  • Try the Securepoint OpenVPN client software, instead of using the OpenVPN Windows client.

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