NAT type 3 PS3

  • Hi,

    I have 3 NICS; 1 WAN where I am assigned a single public ip, one subnet for my LAN (192.168.50.) and 1 subnet for a DMZ (192.168.70.).

    I have a PS3 connected to the DMZ subnet and unless UPnP is enabled, it reports a NAT type of 3.

    Could someone explain why this is, or if this is right. I have just moved to pfSense from Smoothwall and I think the PS3 reported NAT 2 all the time with that.

    Sorry if this is a very basic/stupid question but I am a little confused about the NAT options in pfSense and want to know it is setup correctly.

    Thank you  :)

  • Search the forum for static-port.

  • pfSense is scrambling ports on nat by default which can be shut down with the static port option. Details can be found like sullrich already said when searching the forum.

  • Thanks :) I realise it's a problem that often comes up!

    Just in case anyone reads this post for help, basically pfSense defaults to an 'Automatic outbound NAT rule generation' for added security. This can cause problems with incoming connections (UPnP sorts out the out going).

    To turn this off select 'Manual Outbound NAT rule generation' then change the automatically generated rule to 'Static Port' = YES.

    Repeat for any other subnets if necessary.

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