Downloads keep going on when logout(manual or idle/hard timed out)

  • I happened to see that when downloading files, even if I log out manually or by idle/hard time out,  I expect them to stop but they keep downloading ,
    is there anybody else having this issue, and have a solution?

    Edit: I am using version 2.1.5

  • Hi,

    I just tried this : I started to download a huge file from here:, the latest linux kernel source, and when I rechead about 10 %, I disconnected myself.
    The downloading stopped.
    IE was even complaining about if after a while.

    I guess that your real problem is this number : "2.1.5" (which is dead version for many reasons), change it for "2.2.2" and check back.

    Note : only experts should keep old versions, they are nuts enough to auto-support it  ;)

  • thanks for the reply, but I have to stick with 2.1.5, because of some major mods that I have made, and while trying 2.2.2 ı am dissappointed with squid and squidguard, I think I will have to wait until they are working properly

  • is there any body to help me deal with this problem, I believe it is related to kill_states commands in captiveportal_disconnect function in, this command seems to be not working, and I know you will offer me to use the latest release, but as I said I need squid and squidguard fully functional with cp authentication, which is broken in the latest version

    this is the function with the red lines for killing states

    /* remove a single client according to the DB entry */
    function captiveportal_disconnect($dbent, $radiusservers,$term_cause = 1,$stop_time = null) {
    global $g, $config, $cpzone;

    $stop_time = (empty($stop_time)) ? time() : $stop_time;

    /* this client needs to be deleted - remove ipfw rules */
    if (isset($config['captiveportal'][$cpzone]['radacct_enable']) && !empty($radiusservers)) {
    RADIUS_ACCOUNTING_STOP($dbent[1], // ruleno
    $dbent[4], // username
    $dbent[5], // sessionid
    $dbent[0], // start time
    $dbent[2], // clientip
    $dbent[3], // clientmac
    $term_cause, // Acct-Terminate-Cause

    if (is_ipaddr($dbent[2])) {
    /* Delete client's ip entry from tables 1 and 2. /
    $_gb = @pfSense_ipfw_Tableaction($cpzone, IP_FW_TABLE_DEL, 1, $dbent[2]);
    $_gb = @pfSense_ipfw_Tableaction($cpzone, IP_FW_TABLE_DEL, 2, $dbent[2]);
    XXX: Redundant?! Ensure all pf(4) states are killed. */
    $_gb = @pfSense_kill_states($dbent[2]);
    $_gb = @pfSense_kill_srcstates($dbent[2]);


    • These are the pipe numbers we use to control traffic shaping for each logged in user via captive portal
    • We could get an error if the pipe doesn't exist but everything should still be fine
      if (!empty($dbent[1])) {
      $_gb = @pfSense_pipe_action("pipe delete {$dbent[1]}");
      $_gb = @pfSense_pipe_action("pipe delete " . ($dbent[1]+1));

    /* Release the ruleno so it can be reallocated to new clients. */

    // XMLRPC Call over to the master Voucher node
    if(!empty($config['voucher'][$cpzone]['vouchersyncdbip'])) {
    $syncip  = $config['voucher'][$cpzone]['vouchersyncdbip'];
    $syncport = $config['voucher'][$cpzone]['vouchersyncport'];
    $syncpass = $config['voucher'][$cpzone]['vouchersyncpass'];
    $vouchersyncusername = $config['voucher'][$cpzone]['vouchersyncusername'];
    $remote_status = xmlrpc_sync_voucher_disconnect($dbent, $syncip, $syncport, $syncpass, $vouchersyncusername, $term_cause, $stop_time);


  • Hi there! I am also one of the many who is waiting for Squid and Squidguard to work in Pfsense 2.2.x. This tutorial "" works only in 2.1.5. I just thought it is worth sharing.

  • One solution that make you issue work:
    Back-port the actual code too your pfSense installation.

    From what I recall, the removal of firewall rules was buggy back then (2.1.5) so they repaired it - which introduces new versions.

    You you don't want do 'deal' with it (because you can't), but you have the need to have your pfSense modified without being upgraded: switch to this sub-forum (be SURE that you read the rules FIRST).

    Be ready to find out that the 'repair' will break squid …...

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