Hello, Can i get some help setting up a wireless AP directly from my PFSense?

  • Hello.
    This is my network structure.
    The wan port has a cable connected to a mikrotik provided by my isp. i have setup PPPOE successfully on the wan port.
    I have a tenda wireless access point.
    I plugged it in and configured it as AP. The AP is UP but no internet is available.
    Note: I can ping (which is my ISP's antenna address) from the text interface on the box but no data gets through on AP wifi.
    So can i know what i need to configure to get this working? I will also bridge my router to the AP via wifi finally.
    Thank you for your help guys :)) :D :D

  • I have a tenda wireless access point.
    I plugged it in and configured it as AP. The AP is UP but no internet is available.

    You don't really say which interface you installed it on. Was it LAN or OPT1. What is your hardware?

    Why not setup your interface with a wired client first, get internet working there, then add the AP to the mix. Also do not plug into your AP WAN port from PfSense box, instead use any of the other ports. Also disable DHCP server on the AP and make sure your pfSense interface has a DHCP server running on the interface. If using an OPTx interface rules must be added to the firewall to allow traffic. It is not automatic.

  • No need to bridge the interfaces either, PfSense will seemlessly route your subnets.

    So make OPT1 your AP interface
    Set to Static IP, make up a IP off your main net like this for example:
    Now save and go to Services>DHCP Server and enable DHCP server for your OPT1 Interface.
    For an example use address range of to Similar) Save and now go to Firewall>Rules and make a rule to allow traffic. "Allow Any" to get you started on the OPT1 network as the source. Tighten up when traffic flowing.

    The only reason to bridge in your case would be to maintain your base IP range.

  • The wan interface is the interface with the pppoe cable plugged in. And I created an interface called OPT1 like you said. OPT1 has a tenda USB plugged in. I enabled DHCP on OPT1 and created rules in firewall for both interfaces but no change at all. The only thing that changed is that I can access the web configurator from the pppoe IP.

  • @EvO_E:

    So can i know what i need to configure to get this working? ...

    Yes, if you have a pfSense-box with 3x nic for WAN, LAN and OPT1(LAN-2). Put AP on OPT1(LAN-2). Or put a switch on LAN and put AP(no DHCP) on switch. All connections RJ45.

  • I disabled dhcp on the AP interface which is OPT1. Now I can ping (ISP antenna, not mine) and (ISP DNS Server) but ping to google.com returns 100% packet. No data getting through on OPT1. Normal data flow on WAN. Any thoughts ?

  • Make sure you disable DHCP server on the Tenda AP and enable it on OPT1 on your pfSense.
    Have you configured your Tenda AP from its web configuration page?

  • OPT1 has a tenda USB plugged in

    Well this is not the way i would do it. I would use RJ45 ethernet cable from pfSense LAN jack or OPT1 jack to your Tenda RJ45. Use the USB for power on that device. USB ethernet is trouble..

    Once again I ask. What is your pfSense hardware?

  • I am going to take a guess and say your using the Tenda A6 ??


    Comment section tells me all I need to set it up. –Using a client machine--Hook up via ethernet/browser to IP of admin/admin Make sure it is set to AP mode. Turn off DHCP.


  • Guys. The problem is that the gigabit Ethernet card has only 1 lan port. I am using that port to plugin to PPPOE wan cable. The tenda device is just a small WiFi USB. It's not a router. What I want to do is, set the USB as AP which what I have already done and then bridge it wirelessly to a tp link router. I set the tenda USB as the lan interface and disabled the dhcp server on it. When I did that I was able to ping from the tenda (lan interface) to which is my ISP DNs server. But when I try to ping to google I get no replies. PS I can ping to google from wan. Thank you. I also allowed any in the firewall for the AP

  • Overkill (MikroTik + pfSense + TP-Link) but 1 NIC and intercoursing around with AP-USB are not gonna cut it.
    Contemplate reply #4 (again).

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Im with hda here sounds like you trying to scrape up some nonsense of network.  What are you running pfsense on?  Why can you not add a nic so it has wan and lan interfaces?  Then connect an AP to you lan switch and there you go – done..  Total cost like $10 for a nic for your pfsense box..

    This is more cost effective than you even asking the questions in the first place ;)

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