ESXi 6.0 No WAN connetion

  • Hey Guys,

    Read a couple of threads though they seemed to differ, and there methods of resolution hasn't assisted with my issue.

    Issue : WAN is unable to connect, Tried DHCP / Static (Authentication is not required)

    Environment / Layout

    ONT ===> NIC1 ===> VSWITCH2 ===> WAN Interface PfSense

    SWITCH ===> NIC2 ===> VSWITCH1 ===> PfSense Internal interface

    Now the internal stuff works, WebUI, DHCP etc, i am just unable to create a connection from PfSense to the ONT.
    On VSWITCH2 i have set accept promiscuous mode,

    I believe the issue is due to vSwitch2, as direct connection works (to router, or directly to a PC)

    I have also tried spoofing the old routers MAC address in case but to no avail.

    Once i can work out this issue i will work out how to add an additional /30 to the public addresses

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    I am running pfsense 2.2.2 x64 on esxi6  Have the same sort of connection

    modem – nic - vswitch0 - wan pfsense lan -- vswitch1 - nic -- switch -- real devices.

    In its basic form there are more pfsense interfaces and more nics and other physical networks and vlans, etc..

    You shouldn't need your vswitch in promiscuous mode, mine is not.. If your suppose to be dhcp why would you think static would work?  Sure you don't require specific mac or power cycle of your ONT upon changing the mac connected to it?  I don't have much experience, but lots of experience with esxi and pfsense, etc..  What vnics are you using vmx3 or e1000 ?  Hardware are using - did you try swapping the nics connected to the ONT?  What is the physical nic?  Is it gig?  Are you using crossover cable?

  • You have the modem though getting the connect, which i dont

    I believe if i put a modem between ESXi and the ONT it would work.

    • Reasons
      –---------- A : A Modem Directly to the ONT works
      ------------ B : A PC directly to the ONT works

    Problem : Virtual Guest, to a vSwitch, directly connected to the ONT doesnt.

    Now maybe i am thinking here (not that networky minded)

    The MAC address of the Guest would be different from the MAC address comming from the physical NIC, which would cause issues ?

  • All Fixed,
    Spoofed the MAC Address of the original WAN connection,

    ISP Holds the sessions MAC Address for 4 hours :S

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    So just like a cable modem then, but with cable modem you can just reset it.  Can you not power cycle the ONT?  Its pretty much a modem, just for fiber is all.  I would think removing power would do the same sort of thing with the internal cache of the mac it last saw.

  • Takes 4 hours on the static assigned IP's by my ISP.
    If i had a Dynamic, it would be done in a few minutes.

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    Ah you have as static IP then..  Then you normally would want to clone even if you were dynamic so you get the same IP..  I made my mac specific on my vnic so I know what interface is what for one, and second to make sure I keep the same mac.  When I play with different versions of pfsense or other firewall/router distro's I always use the same mac..  And don't have to worry about my public changing even though I have dynamic assigned.

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