Client's public IP is being reported in SPEEDTEST.NET

  • Hi everyone,

    Good day!

    I have successfully created/established an OpenVPN Server using this tutorial:

    Youtube Video

    I have successfully established a VPN connection from my client PC, which I am sure it really did establish since I can be able to access the shared network folders from where the OpenVPN server is present. This is using a different ISP just to be sure.

    My problem is, on my client PC, SPEEDTEST.NET reports the ISP public IP address of its internet connection, and NOT the ISP public IP address of the network where the OpenVPN server is installed. In my understanding, the client PC still uses its ISP to browse the internet. This should not be the case if it is connected through a VPN right? Since it must report the VPN server's ISP.

    Have I missconfigured anything?

    Thank you.

  • I think the client PC is not getting the internet configuration from the VPN server. Does anybody know how can I configure it from the VPN server's end to provide the necessary internet configuration settings?

  • Go to the OpenVPN server settings tab and check "Redirect Gateway". The 2 lines below appears after that, so don't worry. Save the settings.
    Then go to Firewall > NAT > Outbound NAT and just click Save.

    Ensure that you have a rule for OpenVPN interface permiting traffic to anywhere.

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    Well as stated if your not redirecting your gateway and just handing out the routes to your networks then browser wouldn't use the vpn connection for IPs not behind the vpn.  Also if your browser is using a proxy could cause you the problem as well.

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