Snort XMLRPC Sync

  • I'm using Snort on two pfSense HA firewalls (CARP) and sync the Snort config (Snort XMLRPC Sync) between them. Unfortunately it seems there is no indicator when the last sync happened, so there is no guarantee that both are in sync.

    I noticed that when I enabled the Open AppID support on an interface. The change was not synced to the second Snort instance for days till I manually pushed the save button on the Snort sync tab.

    Is there any documentation (beside looking at the source) how the sync should work or what can be expected?

  • There should be sync messages written to the system logs (especially on the destination machine).

    I probably forgot to add a "sync trigger" to the new OpenAppID code. I will check that so that when it is enabled/disabled, a sync is forced.


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