PfSense hangs after NAT of Firewall changes

  • I have following network configuration:

    Hardware router:
                Wan -  ISP network (static ip NAT enabled)
                LAN  -  my home network

    In my home network there is a box with single network adapter connected to the router and VMWare server  installed.
    One of VMs is running pfSense it has 2 virtual network adapters, both briged to host machine  network adapter:
              WAN -
              LAN  -
    pfSense esteblishes PPTP over WAN (the ISP provides internet access in such manner)

    Two other VM, one phisical box and SIP adapter have IPs from and gw

    Everything works fine unless I change anything in NAT or Firewall configuration. In 70% of cases such changes lead to pfSense hang and only way to bring it up is VM restart.

    Any ideas?

  • You shouldn't bridge both interfaces to the same interface, use a second interface for one of them. You should also run VMware tools and use vmxnet, the vlance doesn't work all that well.

  • I've done as you recommended.
    Now pfSense ethernet adapters are connected to two different physical ones.
    WAN -
    LAN -

    HW Router is used as switch (wan port is not used)

    vxnet and vmtools are installed

    pfSense still hangs after firewall setting changes…

  • I've localized the problem, it is in OpenVPN over PPTP. I created new  thread in OpenVPN forum,9168.0.html (hope it allowed by forum rules :) )

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