Radius + OpenVPN + Umlauts

  • Can anyone tell me, if a user who has Umlauts (ö ä ü) in his password, he's not able to authenticate via Radius (e.g.) OpenVPN.
    Did I miss something like UTF8 in LDAP?

    OpenVPN Client > 2.3.6
    Active Directory through RADIUS / NPS Server on 2012R2 Server

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Does it work if you try it from Diagnostics > Authentication?

    If so, and it doesn't work in OpenVPN, then there may be an encoding issue somewhere along the way. There was a ticket at one time for a similar issue, though I thought it had been corrected a while back.

  • Hi jimp,

    Sorry my long lasting answer. It doesn't work in diagnostics, too.

    Authentication Failed.

    If I change the password from 1234Jklö to 1234Qwer it works as suggested.

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