OpenVPN strange issues connecting to WebConfig

  • If I establish an openVPN connection from my laptop inside a network using the same address space I can not access my PFSense WebConfig ( However if I tether my laptop to my phone then establish a VPN connection I can access the WebConfig.

    I'd really like to be able to WebConfig from my laptop no matter what wireless network I'm on.

  • thats why you should always change your subnetting to something different then or 192.168..1.1/24

    you could also nat you lan subnet from your vpn connection

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    As suggested the use of the 192.168.0 and .1 can be problematic because those are 2 of the most common networks used..  Vs dealing with the special natting - normally easier to just change to something else.  I recently change to 192.168.9/24 which I have never seen anywhere on any wireless network I have been on.

  • Even better, I should get off the space and both my issues are gone.

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