Added a new client and routing doesn't work from my LAN

  • I currently have 6 networks connected to PFSense box via OVPN. 5 of 6 work great with routing both ways. My latest addition does not work as expected. It can access my LAN no problem, but anything on my LAN cannot connect to the remote router or any devices behind it. The other clients can access this remote LAN with no issues also.

    I have checked everything that I can think of and it all seems to check out…

    All the remote routers are Asus either RT-N66, RT-AC66, or RT-AC68. They all run on Merlin's Asus Firmware. Most of them are fully updated. All the ones I tested with are on the same version as the one I am having issues to rule that out.

    I can ping everything just fine from my PFSense box. I have tried rebooting my switch as well to hopefully flush any issues there...

    ![Routing Table.PNG](/public/imported_attachments/1/Routing Table.PNG)
    ![Routing Table.PNG_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Routing Table.PNG_thumb)

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  • Attached the photos. Two more that I couldn't get on the previous post.

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