Interface apparently missing from web GUI

  • I have a system with 3 NICs: rl0, sis0 and udav0. (udav0 is a USB to Ethernet adapter, the others are PCI NICs.)

    On the web GUI menu bar, under Interfaces I have three items; (assign), WAN and LAN. I expected to also see an OPTx interface because I have three interfaces, not two.

    If I click on (assign) the new page shows in the Interface column just LAN and WAN and for each of them there is a pull down box allowing any of the three interfaces to be selected. I currently have udav0 as my LAN and rl0 as my WAN. Should I see a third interface in the Interfaces column? If not, how do I configure to use the three interfaces (e.g. LAN, WAN and DMZ)

  • Bump the (+) icon at interfaces>assign.

  • Bump the (+) icon at interfaces>assign.

    Thats it. Thanks.  Shy little beggar hiding over there in the bottom right with all that empty space above and to the left!  :)

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