Quick tip: Getting PC games using a port to work AND consoles that try to

  • Hey all, thought I'd offer a quick tip on a problem some people may be bound to run into.  A lot of PC games use port 3074.  But so does the Xbox 360.  You cant very well forward them both to the same port, and the Xbox doesnt like being Natted to different ports.  So here's the solution I found.

    If allowed to, the Xbox will uPnP 3074 to itself.  If you have multiple Xboxes, the additional ones will simply try to get 3074, find that it's taken, and pick another port (i think in the 40000 range or something).  So knowing this, the solution is simple.  All you need to do is make 3074 an excluded port in the uPnP tab.  This will cause the same behavior as if another box had taken it.  Now you can use both at the same time successfully.

    On a similar note, PC games have similar issues if you have more than one on your lan.  It's becoming more common for games to support a port range to get around this, however some games simply wont.  At that point you can try changing them to a different external port, however it's pretty likely that the server wont recognize your traffic that way.

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