OpenVPN without fixed IPs

  • Is there a detailed "how-to" guide for setting up OpenVPN with dynamic IP on the WAN-side?

  • I use namecheap's dyndns service in the router's page:

    Then with the OpenVPN client export (  I selected 'Host Name Resolution' with the option of DynDNS

    Then the clients will connect to this dyndns name.

  • Are all the other steps required to set up a VPN the same?

  • Are all the other steps required to set up a VPN the same?

    Yes, the OpenVPN server running on pfSense only needs to know that it should be "listening" for connections on the WAN NIC (or whichever one you choose).
    It doesn't care how someone outside your network finds the address of the WAN NIC, that's their problem.
    DDNS solves that problem by giving you an easy to remember domain name that is translated behind the scenes into the external IP address of the WAN NIC.

    The great "Client Export" package makes it easy to install the correct client with all the settings for DDNS, certificates, etc. preset for you.

    I just had this discussion with someone else recently and it takes far more time to describe the process of making this all work than to actually do it.
    It really is fairly simple once you see it in action, try it out and we'll help as necessary.

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