Is there a way to route only one NIC through VPN?

  • I'm new to Pfsense and networking in general. I recently move to PFsense since I got a c2758 for cheap that was intended for something else but decided to do pfsense instead. My system currently consist of a SuperMicro C2758 with 4 NIC port. I'm currently running 1 port as the WAN and the other 3 port bridge like a switch. This is how my network is currently set up

    I was wondering if it is possible to set up one of the other NIC as its own entity or route only that one nic through VPN. I would like to route the NIC that the xbox is on to go through the VPN to hide the IP. The xbox isn't for myself but for my brother and apparently people like to DOS in FPS video game I suppose. When this happens. It shutdowns my entire network for about 10-15 minute. I currently have a 1 year sub to PIA. I was following this thread . However the guide seems to be made for 1 lan port in mind

  • yes. but not if all "lan' ports are bridged. (unless you are satisfied with static/fixed ip's )

    you'll need to assign an interface to your vpn. once you get that working, you should now have a gateway for the vpn-interface (automagically).

    go into the firewall rules of  vpn_only_LAN and create/edit the default allow rule and pick the vpn-gateway

  • Thanks for the response. I don't know if this is the same thing but I tried this way and it seems to work.

    I set all my lan to default to the wan gate way then added the OVPN_hosts under the aliases so I can set individual IP to pass through vpn. I tested it with my pc and when I go to speedtest it shows PIA ip address but when I go to any other PC in the house it shows my ISP. Is this a correct way to do it as well?

  • yes thats the "unless you are satisfied with static/fixed ip's " approach

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