Suggestions: Squid Settings

  • Looking for some suggestions on configuring my squid settings.  I have a 40gb free on a mirrored ssd and 32gb ram (ram was cheep at the time so, why not).  I am looking for suggestions to make the best of the ram and keep less cached on the disk.  This setup uses an 8 core atom and dual WAN setup.  Not looking to cache any streaming or update content.

  • Services - Proxy server - Local Cache.  Increase your Memory cache size and decrease your Hard disk cache size, then fiddle with your Maximum object size for both to get the balance you want.  Hit rates are generally low unless you only hit a small number of sites with fairly static content.  Sometimes I wonder if it's even worth running a cache any more except for URL filtering via squidGuard.

  • old topic but curious how about Cache Dynamic Content?

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