Slow HTTP traffic for LAN clients, slow HTTP over IPSec

  • Dear all

    Not sure if picked the right sub-forum, but since I am not sure where the problem actually happens I chose the general questions forum.

    I have a very simple Setup within a cloud hosted VM:

    • 1x WAN, virtio with static IP
    • 1x LAN, virtio with
    • 1x IPSec site-2-site tunnel to our location where a sonicwall firewall is hosted

    I have updated to the latest version of pfsense, but the problem was there before.

    I have several clients in the network which use the pfsense as gateway to the internet. However, the HTTP traffic is very slow. I did a speed test and download is < 0.5mbit and upload <0.1mbit. If I access a webserver within the net using the IPSec VPN connection the pages do also load very slow - I'd say it's the same speed as using the internet.

    So I thought maybe the WAN connection is slow, but I did a test this morning with a 1GB file:

    fetch -o /dev/null /dev/null                                    100% of 1024 MB  12 MBps 01m26s

    Does someone have any idea how this can happen and maybe has some tips? Please ask if you need more informaiton. Thank you!

  • I disabled "Hardware Checksum Offloading" and now everything is much faster. Any explanations?

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