squid and squid guard are stopped

  • hi , after install squid guardو Every time I do activation(apply). It does not activate the service and in the end does not work with me ,

    In the case of service activation After a long time. The squid  service stop and two service stopped

    i have squid Stable
    2.7.9 pkg v.4.3.6
    platform: 2.2

    squid guard Beta
    platform: 2.2    …. thanks

  • Try squid3 instead of squid2.

  • I try this before and the problem still exist

  • Regardless, don't waste your time with squid2.  It's ancient and the latest squidGuard won't work with anything less than squid 3.4.

  • thanks, in pfsense 2.2.3 there are squid 2 and squid 3 only ..

    and i install squid 3 in  pfsense package but it doesn't work also

    how can i use squid 3.4 ??

  • Squid3 is squid 3.4.x.  You need to install squid3 and then get it working.

  • I try squid 3  before and the problem still exist…

  • Yes, I heard you the first time.  You still need to use squid3 instead of squid2.  You are having problems with both.  Does it not make sense to try and fix the problem on the newer version instead of the much older version???

    Remove squid2.  Install squid3.  Configure it, and go to every tab and click Save.  Either reboot the box or restart the squid service.  Test.  If it isn't working, come back with a specific question or error message and screencaps of how you configured your squid settings and local cache.  Nobody can help you fix something when all they know is "it isn't working".  Squid has logs in /var/squid/log that can help you diagnose a problem.

  • i have the same problem this morning.

    i resolve my issue by doing the ff:

    remove the "custom options" hit save and apply.
    you will notice your squid service is now UP.

    to start your squidGuard service.
    shell this command: squidGuard -c all -d

    check your services and squidGuard is now Up.

    I hope it helps.

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