Disable Captive Portal Login Page

  • Hi Im new to pfsense,I use captive portal in my pfsense box, If I enable this and the client is not registered in allowed IP address a log in page will redirect to the client side, I want to disable those log in page,is it posible?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Sure, disable the entire captive portal… Not really sure what's the purpose here? You do not need any CP when you only want to allow certain IP addresses, simply use the firewall rules.

  • That's the way captive portal works. The 'allowed ips' are the users who don't have to log in via the captive portal - otherwise they have to. If you want to disable the captive portal page just un-tick the 'Enable captive portal' option under the 'Service\Captive Portal' menu.

  • Hi All,

    Thanks for your reply,yeah i guess i need to disable the captive portal,,thanks it helps me alot


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