2.2.3 64bit & squid3 Transparent Proxy - any hints?

  • Hi there,

    i still have problems with squid 3 as transparent proxy on 2.2.3 64bit PC Hardware, fresh install
    3 Packages: bind, FTP Proxy, Squid3

    The proxy is working if I configure it as manual Proxy in the browser.
    I can access http.
    In Real time Monitoring I see the sites I'm browsing.

    If I enable Transparent proxy - my "Proxy-Configured-Browser" works fine.
    But the default Browser with NO Proxy configuration give me - "Website not available".
    No entry in Real time Monitoring.

    I compared rules & settings with my old working transparent proxy @ 2.2.2 - looks good

    I have no more ideas where to look at …

    I read a lot of posts about Problems with squid & squidguard. Never tried squidguard on this machine, first squid have to work alone.

    Any ideas? Or is it just broken @ 2.2.3?

  • Squid in transparent mode has been acting weird for many months.  Use it in explicit mode with WPAD instead.

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