Squidguard and Certificate Error

  • Hello,

    I installed three packages Squid Squidguard and Lightsquid to test proxy cache and blacklist in local. It works but, when i try to reach a blacklisted URL, i have an error saying that i have a certificate error (with IE or Firefox). If i validate, i can see my proxy error message.

    I have read this http://www.jgranzow.com/?p=23 but after the creation of my CA i still have the same error.

    What can i do to see directly my proxy error without having this recommendation from my browser ?

  • Don't use transparent mode or you will be screwing around with certificates forever for every client that you want to use the proxy with HTTPS sites.  Use WPAD to have your clients autodiscover the proxy.

    WPAD Autoconfigure for Squid

  • Thanks a lot for you help mister, i'll read that carefully !

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