Navigation to use when squid3 SquidGuard + + Ldap Groups / disabling squidguard

  • Hello people!

    I have a problem in my squidguard when I activate it it works for a while and then stops working, I'm on it and simply desmarco enabled only the leaving squid3 working and everything returns to normal.

    This problem occurs intermittently and is in all customer units where installed pfSense 2.2.1 x64 (there are four in total), when the error all I can identify is that the browser footer is the message "waiting tunnel proxy ".

    use squid third squidGuard + + LDAP groups.
    Ja reinstalaei from scratch pfsense, need urgent help the customer already ordered me to remove 4 pfsense it and I'm the ropes.

    someone has a light to help me?

    thank you guys already.

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