Floating rules - Pass was effectively blocking

  • At the time of issue, this rule was set to Pass and not Match.

    This rule was breaking my games from working. Ackqueue/Queue was set, but I also tried without, same thing.

    Why would a pass rule make it so connections would not work for new connections that match the rule?

    I was able to reliably replicate the issue by switching from Match to Pass. I did mean for it to be match, but when attempting to debug my connection issues, I never thought that the "Pass" Floating rule would be the cause of why the connections could not be created.

  • Banned

    This is not a pass rule in the first place… it's a Match rule.

  • It's currently a match rule, but if I change it back to a Pass rule, it refuses new connections over those ports. I didn't set it to pass on purpose, but when attempting to diagnose my connection issues, I didn't make changes because everything was working the other night. Of course existing connections were not affected.

  • It may be working as intended, I don't know, but if it is I would like to know why, which will help me in diagnosing issues in the future.

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