OpenVPN Client Selective Startup

  • I run pfsense as a VM on a dedicated ESXi server for my home network. From time to time I will need to reboot pfsense for whatever reason. I have the OpenVPN client configured to PIA and that works great. Is there anyway to prevent the OpenVPN client from automatically starting on reboot? I have gigabit internet and I only use the PIA VPN on a case by case bases since I forfit 90% of my bandwidth when the VPN is connected.

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    Have you noticed the "Disable this client" checkbox?

  • @doktornotor:

    Have you noticed the "Disable this client" checkbox?

    I have noticed it. I could also shutdown my PIA interface but I was looking for more of a solution that leaves the service/interface enabled but just doesn't start on boot. Worst case I'll just use the disable client option as you pointed out.

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