MAC import… im almost there...

  • ok, i must be doing something blatently stupid here.  its gotta be right in front of my face…  heres my situation.  i work in a school and dont want all the teacher laptops/lab computers to be promted to login after they just logged into the PC.  so i want to enter them as a pass-through mac.  all student laptops or foreign/outside laptops i want to display a captive portal page which ive already customized to my liking.

    i have run a script on all of my domain PC's exporting their MAC's to a single network location.  i have writtin a quick VB program to filter all MAC's out and format them correctly (i think).  i have created a backup and checked formatting, and then inserted all the MAC's into the backup and tried to restore it.

    i ahve about 400 PC's although each has two MAC's.  so we should have about 800mac entries.

    i know this is overkill, but im running PFsense on a Dual 1.2ghz box with 2 gigs of ram.  this should be sufficient...

    when i restore my modified backup file, the system reboots and is as if nothing happened.  i dont see anything in the logs pertaining to errors, etc.

    is there a limit on the amount of MAC's as i see the portal is limited?
    if so, can it be changed?

    if i get this working i can post the VB tool i made to "collect" the macs out of the files.

    thanks for any help in advance


  • I have a good amount of passthrough MACs as well and see no problems.  What are the symptoms you're seeing?  Stuff just not in the config?  Is there anything there if you ssh in and less the /cf/conf/config.xml (I'm making the assumption that you're adding this to the XML directly).

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