Client install packages missing

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    I have recently rebuilt our pfsense box in preparation for an ISP service change, and associated IP addresses. I restored the majority of the configs from our live system apart from the local IPs and Virtual IP's.  However I can't seem to get the client install packages populated with our list of openVPN users from user manager.  DO I really have to manually add the users one by one?
    I have tried to reinstall the OpenVPN Client Export Utility to no effect.


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    Sounds like you did not restore the certificates.

  • There doesn't seem to be an option to just restore the certificates, but then as the machine name has changed I don't the certificates from our live system would work anyway.

    Since my first post I had a brain wave, create a new openVPN server through the wizard and that seems to have done the trick. Just need to test the VPNs work now.


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