KVM, libvirt, qemu and dropped connections

  • Hi. I'm having some trouble with a kind of odd setup of pfsense.

    I have pfsense running on a KVM virtual machine. I have two qemu bridges, the default one that connects pfsense to the internet behind NAT, and another bridge that is isolated from the internet, and acts as a private network for all the other virtual machines.

    When I set up rules to forward TCP ports from the WAN to some LAN guest, the guest receives the SYN packet, replies with the ACK, but the initiator never receives that ACK, so the connection just hangs there. If I initiate an identical connection from within the pfsense shell it works perfectly, as well if I just make the connection at the hypervisor directly to the guest.

    Example rule:

    rdr on em1 proto tcp from any to port 7777 -> port 7777

    When I initiate a 7777 TCP connection to I can see a SYN packet being received on, but can't see a SYNACK being received by the initiator (