Use pfsense as gateway on vcloud

  • Hi everyone,

    We have a vmware vcloud system, and a /24 ip block.

    Everything is running fine, however, we don't want to use the vshield to manage the bandwidth to each vm. But, i'm having trouble to configure the firewall.

    I don't know if I should create a NIC for the LAN and another for the WLAN, and what is the best approach to do this in the pfsense, like a transparent bridge or something.

    Any help is appreciated.


  • Important info that I forgot to mention:

    we already have a bunch of vm's created and using my upstream gateway as default (

    So, what I need is configure this upstream as the gateway in the pfsense and the pfsense new IP on the VMs.

  • I was able to configure the PFSENSE as a transparent bridge, however, something is wrong because I cant make inbound traffic work.

    I can ping the machine, however, I can't connect to SSH or APACHE ports, for example. However, inside the VM (using console), I can download files and everything…

    What can be causing this?

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