Hostnames in captive portal status

  • I think it could be useful to have the hostnames listed in the captive portal status page, as there could be cases in which hostnames may give information on the hosts, something a MAC address is definitively hiding…

  • True.

    hostnames aren't collected when login into the Captive Portal, but it's pretty sure the user/visitor was distributed an IP by the DHCP server from pfSEnse.
    If a hostname exists, it's in the /var/dhcpd/var/db/dhcpd.leases
    It's easy to check this file, the "Status => DHCP Leases" page is doing so already

    So the info exists. Some code from the script that generated the "DHCP leases" status page can be used to collect hostnames (IP and MAC are search fieds).

    This is more a "copy and adapt some existing code" project. I wonder why it wasn't done so before.
    And this there a real need for it - what are the all the advantages, because in larger (thousands of connected users!) networks, all these host names are really useful ?

  • "Rough design"
    If a hostname is available for a connected IP/MAC combination, it will be shown instead of the MAC:

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