Package - MySQL & PHPMyAdmin

  • Hello everyone,

    There are a few people out there that require MySQL running with their PfSense box for various reasons. I've looked on the forum and installing it is a pretty simple task however it would be nice to have a package to automate this process for everyone!

    I pledge $150 for a package that installs the latest version of MySQL and a package that installs the latest version of PHPMyAdmin from their repos. The MySQL process should be recognized as a service and represented as such on the various status pages throughout PfSense.

    The MySQL package should have it's own respective page in the GUI to configure various settings, such as, allocate ram and disk space, etc. The PHPMyAdmin package, once installed, should add a link to access PHPMyAdmin and once clicked bring you to it as if you were viewing it within an iframe within PfSense.

    The packages should be free and available for any and every user and I hope it will be placed in the global packages section in PfSense itself!

  • I am still very much interested in this and increase to $150USD

    All I would like at this point is a global package that installs the latest version of MySQL, a simple configuration page for settings, users, access control, and that it automatically check for updates.


  • Banned

    Klouzale klouzale, neinstaluj píčoviny na firewall…

    What's doable:

    • pkg install [mysql56-server|mariadb100-server|mariadb55-server]
    • manually unpack phpMyAdmin (PMA) somewhere under /usr/local/www (or symlink from elsewhere – otherwise, it'd want to install its own PHP, completely broken idea)
    • simple XML-based GUI with enable/disable MySQL service and raw my.cnf editing perhaps
    • ACLs to PMA in User Manager (would require patching PMA files every time you update PMA)


    • Features like this are very likely to be rejected for package repo since this has no place on a FW box
    • Integration might get better with 2.3.x regarding the PHP dependency and "automated update" part

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