Openvpn Firewall Rules

  • I have a standard 2 port LAN/WAN pfsense box and need some help from the experts setting up the firewall rules for my vpn.

    I have setup an openvpn client, I select which packets go through the vpn using the firewall rules on the LAN interface and directing them to the vpn gateway.  I presume I can control all my outgoing packets by creating the appropriate pass rules but I am not sure how I secure the incoming traffic.  On the firewall rules page I have five tabs, Floating, LAN, WAN, VPNGateway & Openvpn which of the last two tabs needs the pass rules on it to filter inbound packets coming out of the vpn?

    I have a similar question on the traffic shaper.  All of my vpn traffic has the same priority so I intend to shape everything on the LAN/WAN interfaces.  In the shaper wizard I see rules to match PPTP & IPSec traffic but nothing for openvpn, do I just prioritize all traffic on port 443?  How do I differentiate between openvpn traffic and other SSL traffic - or am I way out of my depth here?

    Many thanks in anticipation!

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