Clog high load on 2.2.3 and Bump sched buckets on vmware

  • Hello,

    Looking in the performace panel of the vm containning pfsense  2.2.3 i get a constant 3000Mhz line 100%.

    Logged in pfsense, with top i see the clog program eating 100% of the cpu.
    Also the memory grows and grows when clog is running.

    i had to do a killall -9 clog

    df -h states that / has 11% capacity so it not a disk issue.
    the vm has 2Gb mem so also the memory is not a problem.

    looking in the system logs i see that seems that are not updated since many hours and i get plenty of:

    pfsense kernel: Bump sched buckets to 256 (was 0)

    any clues on how to fix this?

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