Counter Strike Dedicated server

  • Hello,

    I want to setup dedicated server for cs. I already open udp port 1200,27000 to 27015 and tcp port 27030 to 27039 (NAT). All port pointing to my internal dedicated server at I also set the outbound NAT to static to port 27010(,6982.0.html). For LAN rules, i open all port for this server.  But i still cannot list my dedicated server on the internet. Is there any configuration that i miss?

    Internet<–----->PFSENSE(1.2-BETA-1)<------------------------------------>Dedicated server
                        External IP(STATIC)                                        IP:
                        Internal IP:                                                  windows firewall is not
                        Firewall: NAT: Port Forward: UDP 1200,27000 to 27015          active.
                                                            : TCP 27030 to 27039
                        Firewall: NAT: Outbound: STATIC 27010
                        Firewall: Rules: LAN:  *  *  *  *  * 
                        Firewall: Rules: WAN: TCP  *  *  27030 - 27039  *
                                                    UDP  *  * 27000 - 27015  *
                                                      UDP  *  * 1200  *

  • IP:

    Hmm… to be sure, did you assign the lan interface to as is a /32
    else it's looks fine though i never played cs

  • Thank you for quick reply :) .I confirm there is no issue with those ip address.
    Should i upgrade my PFsense?

    Dedicated server
    subnet mask: = /24
    windows firewall is not

    External subnet mask: = /30
    Internal IP:
    Internal subnet mask: = /24

  • Maybe it's more clear if you post screenshots of the rules you created (on LAN, on WAN, the NAT-forwardings and the AoN rules)

    Per text it's kind of hard to see if something's missconfigured.

  • ok here it is:

    LAN  rules:

    WAN rules:

    port forwarding:


    is it correct?

  • The first 3 look good.

    On the 4th is something i'm not sure it's correct.
    Are you sure that the traffic originates on port 27010 on your server and that not the destination is 27010?

    Maybe you could try as a test if it works:
    1: delete the static port rule.
    2: change the second rule to static port
    –> effectively applying static port to everything.

    If it works after this changes we know that your own AoN rule was wrong and can start finding the right rule :)

  • ok i deleted the 1st rule and follow your suggestion, but still cannot :(
    message from server console:

    Connection to Steam servers successful.
      VAC secure mode is activated.
    Adding master server
    Adding master server

  • Can you describe how it "does not work"?

    Are you sure that you followed the manual correctly on configuring your server to register himself on the public list?

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