Blocking Facebook…Odd Issue

  • Hello,

    I followed a persons advice on blocking Facebook that created an alias, then created a rule for networks for the LAN in which they added multiple IP addresses that Facebook uses. The interesting thing is that when I tested it…it would block Facebook when I used IE...However, when I used Chrome on the same system it would load Facebook. I cleaned out the Chrome History / Browsing data from the beginning of time and it would still load Facebook.

    I am a little interested in why that would be... but, I am more interested in what others are doing to block certain websites for their clients.

    Would be interested in your thoughts and solutions.

    Thank you for your input.. it is appreciated!


  • Facebook uses thousands of IP addresses. You'll never catch them all. Your best bet is to force users to use your DNS server then give Facebook an incorrect mapping. That won't stop them from updating their hosts file, but that's a corner case.

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