Captive portal is not working with gateway

  • I am a new of pfsense. so I might ask silly question.
    I've been wondering it is possible or not.
    I'm using a pfsense with DHCPserver,VLAN,CaptivePortal and policy base routing.

    client[]–-pfsense opt1[VLAN131]–-router LAN [VLAN131]–-rouer wan

    I set firewall gateway on opt1 to (on DHCPserver config is default)
    When I enable Captive portal on opt1 login portal show up but after authentication redirected but no internet connection.
    When I disable Captive portal on opt1 I can connect to Internet.

    Is it possible using captive portal with firewall gateway(policy base routing) ?

  • Could anyone write anything on this thread ? I really want to know.
    If my query is hard to understand, please let me know.

  • Have you double checked your DNS?  If assigning external DNS such as to client and is blocked in CP, users won't be able to browse.  Can users ping external IP from behind CP, such as

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    client[]–-pfsense opt1[VLAN131]–-router LAN [VLAN131]–-rouer wan

    All that is on the same subnet.  The only possible way that might work is if pfSense was a transparent bridge and Captive Portal can't work on a transparent bridge.

    client[]–-[VLAN131]opt1 pfSense opt2[VLAN130]–-router LAN [VLAN130]–-router wan

    client has default gateway
    pfsense has default gateway
    NAT should be disabled in pfSense
    router has default gateway of WAN plus a route to gateway
    router must perform NAT for and

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