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  • So it looks like I have my OpenVPN setup "correctly" meaning I can connect–but the traffic doesn't seem to actually be going through the VPN

    It looks like the problem is that the specfic device I'm trying to connect (Android smartphone) is on a carrier whic uses IPv6, yet my entire network is IPv4.

    To me the obvious solution would be some sort of address translation, but I don't know where to begin on that.  Is there a "simple" way to say "when I connect with an IPv6 use this IPv4 and just forward the traffic?  If, as I fear, that solution isn't practical--how would you recommend dealing with this IPv6 issue?

    Thanks in advance :)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It's not 100% clear what you mean. Do you mean your client is connecting by domain name and it's taking an IPv6 path around the VPN?

    Preferring IPv4 over IPv6 is a setting that must be enacted on the client. If a client gets an AAAA DNS response and it has IPv6 connectivity, it will take that path.

    So you have three choices:

    1. Connect by IPv4 address, not hostname
    2. Change the DNS such that it does not provide the client with AAAA query results for the target server (or all servers)
    3. Find/change the client preference to prefer IPv4 over IPv6

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