My firewall log has local to local link?

  • Hello,
    Please see attachment.
    It's have ipv6 link and 169.254 of ip link.I know 169.254 is local ip.
    Is this attack?Or how to adjust it?
    My system is pfsense 2.2.3
    Wan use PPPOE connect to isp.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    That is Broadcast and or Multicast traffic.. The 169 means you have a box on your network that doesn't have a valid IP.

    Depending on our lan rules then yes that will be logged.  Post up your lan rles.  Your not listing rules in your log so can not tell if defalt or some other rule you have set to log, etc.

  • Hello,
    Please see attachment.
    This is my LAN rules.I use default settings.

  • And I have another pfsense box.But it's use static IP for wan.I haven't see Broadcast and or Multicast traffic.Is pppoe for wan will have Broadcast and or Multicast traffice?

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