DD-WRT Access Point VLAN tagging

  • I'm hoping someone on here who's using pfSense along with a DD-WRT access point with VLAN tagging will be able to help me out as the DD-WRT Wiki's and forums are not getting me anywhere.

    I've got 3 VLANs (MGMT, SECURE_WIFI, GUEST_WIFI) I want to tag to my DD-WRT AP (Netgear R7000).  The tagging is where I'm having some real issues.  When I tag the WAN port (assigned to switch) for the VLANs I want I can't access the AP through a tagged switchport.  The only way I can access the AP is leaving the switchport untagged in my management VLAN which makes the whole thing pointless.

    Has anyone gotten this working (pfSense –> VLAN capable switch --> DD-WRT AP)?

  • I am working on a similar issue. It sounds like you have pfsense as your router and you are only using the AP functions on the ddwrt box. If that is so I'm thinking you want to plug the ddwrt into your switch with a trunk port (all vlans) but on the LAN side of the AP, not the WAN. I believe the WAN is only if it is doing the routing, which in this case your pfsense box is.

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    http://dd-wrt.com/phpBB2/ perhaps? (Note that the VLAN support in DD-WRT is hardware-specific.)

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