NtopNG GUI Problems - Some Data Not Displayed

  • Hello,

    I'm hoping someone can assist with an odd issue I've recently noticed.  I'm currently running pfSense 2.2.3 with ntopng 0.6 in a HyperV VM.  I am also using the following primary packages Snort, Squid3, pfBlockerNG & OpenVPN.  I'm not 100% sure when this problem actually started as I don't monitor ntopng everyday, however I have a feeling it was after I recently upgraded from 2.2.2 to 2.2.3.

    The Problem: When viewing the ntopng web interface I am unable to see the flows from the Lan interface which would normally display several clients among all the segmented vlans, currently it simply loads the ntopng web interface with no clients/flow data displayed.  If I select a specific vlan interface or one of the multiple wan interfaces I am still unable able to see any of the the flow data.  The only way I am able to see traffic is to select the one of the host views which is ok but not what I am wanting to see.  One other thing I noticed was that I seem to have the same problem when trying to view the "Settings>Manage Users" in the top right corner - the page loads with no displayed users even though I am still able to update the admin password from the ntopng Settings in the Diagnostics dropdown.  I'm also unable to see any of the alerts being generated, if I click the alerts icon in the bottom right corner the page loads with no data displayed.  It's as if the installation is corrupted somehow.

    I've tried reinstalling the package a few times with no success.  I have another pfSense installation (same versions installed except on ESXi host) for a client that I compared against and it seems to be working fine.  Is there a directory that the ntopng data is stored in which may not be deleted when the package is removed?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated on this.

    Thanks again.

  • Well, I resolved my issue by taking a current backup of my latest config then restoring a previous checkpoiint I created with Hyper-V prior to the 2.2.3 upgrade.  Once reverted back to 2.2.2 I verified ntopng was working correctly and it was - I then restored my latest configuration and all is working correctly.

    What's funny is as soon as it completed the restore I noticed ntopng was detecting a new version available 0.7, lol.  Not sure if these fixes would have resolved my issue but I will say I noticed some of the GeoIP errors in the logs prior to this.

    Currently upgrading to 0.7, hopefully all goes well.  :)

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    Currently upgrading to 0.7, hopefully all goes well.  :)

    It only fixes the geoip stuff and fonts. Afraid your issue here is virtualization-specific and has pretty much nothing to do with the ntopng package itself.

  • What do you mean virtualization specific?

    My personal opinion is that somewhere along the line something became corrupted when it performed the initial 2.2.3 upgrade.  After I restored everything I performed the 2.2.3 upgrade again and can confirm  the install is working correctly.  There's no limitations I've found with either of the virtualization platforms from my testing and I use them both heavily.  The one thing I have noticed from my installs is that ntopng complains if I have a lot of interfaces selected, it literally says "too many interfaces selected" in the system log although it hasn't stopped it from running in anyway.  I tend to have around 13 vlan's & 2 wan links monitored, the reason for this is everything on my networks are segmented from the physical lans to the wlan and vary by mobile devices, gaming systems, servers, dmz, mgmt etc… in addition these all have strict egress filtering.

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    I mean I have zero issues like "I am unable to see the flows from the Lan interface". Monitoring ~15 interfaces will probably make your HDD explode soon.

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