Can't get Squid Reverse Proxy Working

  • Hi,
    I'm sure I'm doing something stupid but I can't seem to get reverse proxy working.
    I followed a guide by someone in the pfsense forum and it just doesn't seem to work for me.

    I get
    Potential dns rebind attack errors.

    or if I turn of the check for this I get the login for pfsense.

    if anyone has any ideas what I might be doing wrong and could help me out it would be appreciated.


  • Which ports are you using for the Web GUI (System > Advanced > Admin Access) and Squid?

    Either those two ports bite. Additionally Squid is not able to allocate ports <1024. So normally you can:

    • Use squid on ports e.g. 8080 and 8443 and do ports forwards from 80 respectively 443
    • Move pfSense Web UI away form 80 or 443 and configure Squid to be on 80 and 443, but there is a system configuration to be done (search for reservedHigh) here in the forum

  • Hi,
    It was on port 80 but I've changed it to 8080 yet it still doesn't work, it no longer gives the error but just sits there and times out trying to access remotely.


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