Suricata Package Update – 2.0.8 pkg v2.1.6 Release Notes

  • Suricata 2.0.8 pkg v2.1.6

    This update for the Suricata GUI package includes one new feature and fixes seven reported issues.  The underlying binary version remains at 2.0.8 RELEASE.

    New Features

    • A new GUI option has been added on the GLOBAL SETTINGS tab to allow the user to hide deprecated rules categories found in the Snort VRT and Emerging Threats/ET-Pro rules packages. A number of rules categories in the Snort VRT rules package are now empty and their rules transferred to other newer categories. The old empty files were left so as not to break legacy configurations. Two rules categories have been deprecated in the Emerging Threats/ET-Pro rules package. This new GUI option allows these deprecated files to be removed so they no longer display on the CATEGORIES tab. The specific files to be removed are contained in a deprecated_rules text file in the Suricata directory tree. The new GUI option defaults to off (deprecated rules categories will be displayed). Setting the new option to on will remove and hide the deprecated categories.

    Bug Fixes

    • Proxy ARP virtual IPs not included in default HOME_NET variable and PASS LIST.

    • Suricata Alerts Widget can sometimes fail to get a valid file handle but will continue anyway and spam the system log with warnings.

    • Title in PASS LIST and HOME_NET popup viewer window says "SNORT" instead of "SURICATA".

    • FQDN aliases are allowed on VARIABLES tab and should instead be flagged and ignored since they are not supported by Suricata.

    • Configured IPREP IP Lists not syncing with CARP replication partners.

    • On some re-installs, if Suricata takes a long time to start, the package installation PHP process can time out and consequently the Suricata package installation fails to complete. Changed restart of Suricata at end of package re-installation/upgrade to launch as a background task to prevent this.

    • Tighten the SSL security settings used by CURL for rules tarball package downloads.


  • Banned

    Got the package updated during 2.2.4 upgrade. Works great.  8)

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