Captive Portal FreeRADIUS2 Users Allowed Re-login after Amount of Time Expires

  • Hi,

    I've got the CP working well with FreeRADIUS2 authentication. I have setup the Captive Portal with FreeRADIUS2 following and seems to mostly work. I say mostly because I am testing with a user with the following settings:

    Time Config - Amount of Time: 5 minutes
    Time Config - Time Period: Daily

    Traffic and Bandwidth - Max up and down both at 1000kbps

    The bandwidth limit works and the user gets disconnected roughly 5 minutes after, great. However, I can just keep login in with this same user right after to get another 5 minutes. I thought this would be a daily 5 minutes allowance and that's it. I see the Session Timeout (i.e. Enter the time this user has until relogin in seconds.) in the Time Config of the user which I assume I could use to lock the user out for the remaining of the day?! But this does not seem like the right way.

    Any information on this would be appreciated, I could not find anything

    I also have users authenticating using FreeRADIUS2/LDAP if this detail is important, but those users don't have limits and they work nicely.

  • Session Time Out, allow the user navigate the time in seconds you entered. For example: a value of 300 would be just 5 minutes after that el CP disconnect the user, with a Session Timeout entry log.

    Of Course the same user can continue surfing the web, if you configure  the option below (Amount of time). For Example : 60 minutes.
    So, the user will be hard out disconnected every 5 minutes until he reached the total 60, thats means about 12 times.


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